Live, Online, and needing your help…

As promised, Sydney Central Coast Presbytery is now live online at Josh Wyatt has laboured hard to get us an attractive and intuitive web presence and the new site has all the basic elements in place.
However, it’s not finished! Resources and information will grow with the Presbytery itself. Details and links will occasionally need checking and correcting. And most of all, we need information from our congregations, ministries and mission centres need to fill out our Presbytery’s public presence!

What to do next?
Look us up. Scroll down to the Churches and Ministries section, where the six Zones are set out. See the little line that says To update your ministry information, please click here? Please click there.
We need someone from each congregation, chaplaincy and other mission centre to send your up-to-date info to Josh, so that anyone looking for a place to worship, witness or serve will find it quickly and simply.

Please note: Presbytery is NOT replacing your existing website! The cover page for each place will link to your own webpage where you can express the life of the church in glorious detail. Please ask your secretary, minister or youth group geek to send info and images to Josh to update the Presbytery site.
  • Send images and video that show the life of your church, your neighbourhood, your environment. These will enhance the website and make it our own.
  • Point out (nicely) any links that are broken or behave in odd ways. We are aware of some already that don’t work as they should, and are trying to fix them. There are always teething problems – your eye for detail will be helpful.
  • Suggest ways of enhancing the website’s usefulness. What would you and your people most want to see on the Presbytery site?
  • Send in your news to share, event dates, and changes to personnel, contact details, etc. 
  • Check us out now. Help by googling Sydney Central Coast Presbytery, which will raise our website a little higher in the search engines each time you look for it. Save us in your bookmarks.
  • Make us your home page.
  • Print the URL in your congregational pewsheet and newsletter.
  • Link to us on your own website.

Enjoy the resources and information,
and have a very Happy New Year!
Graham Perry, Presbytery Minister
Josh Wyatt, WebMeister

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