The Uniting Church in Australia turns 40 on 22 JUNE 2017!
What is your congregation, institution or faith community planning for the 40th?
As Australia’s first born national Christian denomination, our journey towards the promised end has experienced much, learnt barrow loads and has far to go to bring Jesus to God’s world.
Why not celebrate your achievements as well as consider the future for we cannot change the past but we can influence the future? The lessons of our history should be guiding how we as a Church can connect with our current and predicted community contexts.
So how can you as members of the Uniting Church celebrate our 40th?
Why not share your ideas through the Sydney Central Coast Presbytery Newsletter?
Why not “risk the way of Jesus” (my favourite Uniting Church slogan) and do something outlandish?
Why not get media coverage of something you have done for the community and share your plans for the next 40 years?
We would love to hear what your plans are for this milestone in the Uniting Church.

Jim Mein

Presbytery Chair