Ministry Form

We want to help you keep up to date with your ministry. We have been building the pages for each zone and ministry. Your ministry may not have an assigned page yet which means when you click on your ministry name in the zone, nothing might happen. Not to fear! Please fill out this form below and we’ll have your page up and running in no time.
Need some inspiration? Please look at the OneHeart page as it shows what a completed page looks like.  The page opens with a large graphic, which shows a group photo of the ministry. If you click on the photo, it links to the website in a new tab. Below the photo we have a description of OneHeart’s mission and vision statement, with up to date contact information on the right. Below that we have the featured space, and OneHeart chose to embed a video showing who they are. Finally at the bottom there is an embedded map of their worshipping location. Hopefully that may give you some inspiration of what to add for your ministry. 
With the form below, you can upload files (either a photo, or multiple photos via a .zip). Please send the highest resolution possible for us to keep on file, and we will modify the photo ready for web via photoshop. The photo that is used for the top graphic is 1200×400 resolution. We can modify your photo to fit that proportion or you can supply us a photo or graphic ready with those specs. If you have any more questions please contact Josh directly here. Thanks all!